About Sara Valentine

Yoko Ono was one of my most interesting clients back in the day when boutique fashion in Paris was my passion....but one day I wanted to be bigger than that....

One day I realised that everything I was doing was inside out and back to front: What is the point in dressing in amazing clothes if we feel rubbish on the inside.

No designer can improve that.

So I moved to London, spent 4 years studying Nutrition at the renown ION. 

Design is actually for me about 'Learning how to empower people to FEEL amazing on the inside.'

Since 2009 I have helped guide people to empower them in feeling their best... 

Our Wellbeing Portal  is the perfect blend of Evolving & Connecting.

Evolve, Progress & Connect to global experts when you journey through our portal... We evolve with you and you evolve with us!

You are your own designer; we just guide inspire and give effective ways to help you design YOU.

Sara Says "For me personally... I'm more into 'effective' than 'conventional' when it comes to health.

Although Science and evidence based research underpins our portal, the way we nudge change in peoples behaviour is through effective encouragement - nudges, tips, appealing tricks, short cuts, easy to apply... and tasteful solutions.

If its unique and impactful and helps resolve and upgrade your organisation then that is my 'why'. Stand out; not fit in".

That is why we've created this Boutique Wellbeing portal.... small, different, effective.

To stand out and provide interesting, cutting edge and engaging ways to inspire even people who really are not into health but are into feeling their best. 


Working for small organisations was the most stressful environment of my career across the globe. Despite the fact I was friends with all 3 business owners in each organisation, they unknowingly ran us into the ground.

Solution time:

Our mission is to Guide, Inspire and Give to well-intentioned organizations who want to provide better wellbeing experiences for their employees...  

Positive experience

Increased engagement

Better productivity

Higher retention

Connecting peoples feelings to their health journey is key to sustained improvement. 

My mission is that by 2025 every small business in the world feels they have affordable tools to provide impactful solutions to holding people high!