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We are a growing team of hand-picked global wellbeing professionals, here to inform, guide and surprise you with knowledge tips, tools and facts on anything from Stress, Immune, Sleep, Anxiety to Mindset and Human Potential. Like everything, success comes when we connect to the right people... and that connection starts with you.

About our


We are a team of wellbeing and tech entrepreneurs.
We are here to provide you with what we never had when we needed more than just a salary and a pleasant boss; ‘become better people’. 
We all need to be shown value regardless of the organisation we work for. 
Value tools are irreplaceable because they connect with our emotions, desires and challenges.
Employee Wellbeing needs to be an integral part of business culture

Sara Valentine


Our Founders
Sara Valentine’s pre wellbeing careers were in publishing, fashion and events. While these experiences were fast, fun and glamorous, she began to discover how health and wellbeing could affect transformative change in people, including herself. 
Sara graduated in 2009 from the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition in the UK. 
She is also qualified as a certified NLP coach in 2014, and  has recently been mentored by one of the global leaders in ‘the law of attraction and human potential; Bob Proctor.
Sara has spent more than a decade working with corporate and private clients across Asia, Europe and Oceania as a Nutritionist and wellbeing advisor. 
Our Silent partner is in the tech space and is an ‘app and design guru’, who is able to build functionality to enable adaptation that can move with changing technology and adapt to client and partnership needs of the future.
Wellbeing Portal 
With changing times, we identified the need for businesses to offer their team an accessible, impactful and cost effective employee wellbeing solution.
It’s our mission to provide you with wellbeing and productivity tools that are appealing and different to take the hard work out of creating ’employee wellness experiences’ – as an individual, as teams and as a leader.
 Our ambition for our clients are:
  • No more burn out.
  • No more losing key employees.
  • No more limits in leaders attracting top talent.
In fact, we want your biggest problem to be that no one ever wants to leave you… 
imagine how rewarding that would be?

The Team

Our Wellbeing Experts

We have handpicked our team of wellbeing experts from thousands across the globe based on their expertise and attitude. 

Our teams utilise their passion, vision and skill set to serve you, and provide you with a message to allow you to become your best self.

You as an individual are then able to connect with professionals as you choose with those you feel you need. 

All of  experts are able to share their knowledge regardless of geographical location. 
Wellbeing has no borders or boundaries; our experts are global; located in the New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Canada to the USA.
As we grow, and your needs grow and change, our panel of support for you will also expand. 
Our mission is to empower your potential and prevent any chance of burnout. So when you share your needs with us, we can find the right experts to fill the voids in your specific wellbeing needs.

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