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Learn how to be an ‘EveryDay Athlete’ with Fitness Nutritionist Karen Aroney. Learn Pre prep tips on what ‘to’ and what ‘not to’ do… Success doesn’t need to be difficult. Karen’s aim is to support you to find that balance between working hard, training hard, whilst simultaneously living your healthiest, fittest, and happiest life. Best yet, Karen has been a super high charged exec herself and she knows first hand what the needs of ‘exec-fuel + performance + athletic goals are… she lives and breathes this so listen up!

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Celebrities choose their ‘people’ very carefully… which is why there is no surprise that Alex Marine is ‘one’ of those people. Hypopressives is a new form of exercise and the beautiful Spanish Alexa Marine is the only person to bring it to an ‘English speaking environment’. Learn how you can literally breathe your way into posture, strength and become toned and it requires less than an hour a week!

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Do you ever get indigestion?
Did you ever link it to the bad night sleep you had last night?
Adam Zaks talks you through common sense that we often don’t connect. His philosophy on health is like a dropdown menu… its as simple as ABC… sequence and understanding.

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24hours of food habits to a better brain with Angela Walker… Just like our awake sleep pattern… your BRAIN performs better if your foods follow patterns. How you feed your brain = how it will perform for you. 3 Top Tips to a Better Brain. When your brain needs to ‘think’ and you’re not revamping your entire lifestyle (yet)… Sometimes you just need some solid 24 hour cycle advice. 

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Mastering your own performance in life, sometimes means you need an expert to shift your focus & guide you to rapid transformation. Dr Sue Guirney can empower you to do just that! Unlock who you want to become.

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